Puzzle Pirates – Kraken Hunt basics

Puzzle Pirates has recently released a new activity; kraken hunting. This is a type of “sea monster hunt”. To enter one or apply for a job on one, you would need a bravery badge on a doubloon ocean; on a subscriber ocean, you’d need to be subscribed. Bravery badges can be bought from the Palace Shoppe (located either in the palace, or through Ye → your pirate name → Palace Shoppe) for 5 doubloons. Doubloons can either be purchased from the developer through the Ye → Get doubloons! with real money, or from other players with PoE through the Doubloon Exchange, which can be found in the Bank.

You’d also find it helpful to have a rowboat kit from your local furnisher. Note that you could shop around on other islands in your home archipelago through the “ferry” to see if there is a cheaper or faster store. A great kit to buy for your first hunt is the Bumper Kit. This rowboat can take a lot of damage before sinking. Rowboat kits are equipped in your Booty screen.

Lastly, you’d need to find a crew to hunt with. This can be quite difficult, as the kraken hunt is a new activity and its supplies are quite limited and expensive. Most hunts have some requirement of Battle Navigation standing or trophies acquired by fetching kraken eggs, which of course leads to a catch-22 situation. Your best bet is probably to find and join a crew that does them regularly and is willing to let you tag along.

You can also try to run them yourself if you have more experience with the game and a lot of resources; you’d need a ship (only sloops, cutters, dhows, fanchuans, junks, and baghlahs can be used), a kraken hunt map, and lifeboats, a commodity that can be ordered from a shipyard. (You use 1 per pirate per entry. Sinking does not use additional lifeboats.) You’d also need some rum for the sailing back and forth from the kraken hunting zone. You’d also need to be in a crew as an officer or higher.

Anyway, after all that, when you enter the kraken hunt, you’ll find yourself in a special sea battle board. Instead of the vessel you were on, each pirate has their own rowboat, and must navigate it to a treasure, and back to the light-blue zone where you came from (known as the “safe zone”). Each entry lasts 30 minutes.

There are four types of treasures:

kraken chest 1 Cuttle boxes are the least valuable,

kraken chest 2 Tentacle lockers are next,

kraken chest 3 Cephalo pods are more valuable,

kraken chest 4 Kraken eggs are the most valuable.

You can only carry one treasure at a time; if you go over a more valuable treasure while carrying another, you’ll automatically throw the less valuable treasure overboard.

Less valuable treasures tend to be in the front, while more valuable ones tend to be toward the back and take more time to get. If you are new to kraken hunts, go for the less valuable ones until you get used to how things work. Even if you’re more experienced, take note of the timer to the top left corner of the screen. You may not have time to get to a more valuable treasure and back. It takes approximately 3 minutes to get a cuttle box, 5-6 minutes to get a tentacle locker, 8 minutes to get a cephalo pod, and 10-11 minutes to get a kraken egg. These times may vary depending on the layout and your skill in moving efficiently.

Keep an eye on the chat, and try to communicate with your teammates so that you don’t crash into each other and confuse your moves. Also, if you see any red barrels in the water, avoid them. Those are bombs laid down by a player with the powder kit. Tentacles that run over them would sink, but they would do the same thing to you.

Also avoid the area where the kraken head appears, especially if it is submerged; at least, until you learn the more advanced mechanics described in the advanced guide.

If you somehow accidentally enter with the wrong rowboat, you can change the “next boat” you enter with a set of radio buttons found to the right of your navigation controls, and then turn back into the safe zone to respawn.

Avoid bumping players in red boats with barrels (powder kits / “bombers”) out of position unless they give you permission to do so.

For more advanced tips and mechanics, see the advanced kraken hunt guide.

If you want to meet me in the game, I am Rhoaleper in the Meridian Ocean.

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